How do I find people who do not have an Email address?

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How do I find people who do not have an Email address?

Postby Technical Support on Wed Feb 21, 2007 1:38 pm

Question: How can I get a list of people who do not have an email address?

1. Go to Reports & Mailings
2. Select Mailing List - Pre-Defined
3. Select the group you are looking for in the list displayed in the middle of the screen.
4. Households or Individuals - Select “Output A Record for Every Person”
5. Select Excel Spreadsheet in the Output box
6. Click Create Excel File

Now that you have your Excel spreadsheet:
1. Highlight all your data
2. Click Data
3. Click Sort
4. Sort by email address ( and any additional fields you might want to sort by)
5. Click OK

The people without email addresses will be sorted to the top.

You can delete all the rows of people who do have an email address. This spreadsheet can then be used as the data source for a Word mail merge. In Word, click on Tools, Letters and Mailings, Mail Merge and follow the wizard.

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